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Knowledge Base

  1. Advanced Page Building 

    1. Ideal Image Size For Revolution Slider?
    2. Gosolar Schedule Plugin
    3. Posts in Sidebar
    4. How can WordPress help me grow my social media followers?
    5. Media Tags Plugin
  2. Frequently Asked General Website Questions 

    1. Where Can I Find Payroll Documents?
    2. Where is the link to GoSOLAR?
    3. Where Can I Find Student and Faculty E-mails?
    4. Where is the link to PAWS?
    5. Where is the Holiday Schedule for employees?
  3. Getting General Tech Help 

    1. How can I get the latest news about WordPress updates?
    2. Where can I learn about Usability Testing?
    3. Adding a UserVoice FeedBack Tab
    4. What customer support is available and when?
    5. How long does it take to get a help ticket response?
  4. Previous WordPress Themes 

    1. How do I add related Posts to my page?
    2. How do I get highlights of specific posts and pages to show up on my page?
    3. Remove the thumbnails from posts placed on pages
    4. Using an Accordion Inside Tabs
    5. News Feeds
  5. WordPress Basics 

    1. Vocabulary
    2. Where do I login to edit my site?
    3. Dashboard Overview
    4. Add a New Page
    5. Set a Static Homepage
  6. Advanced 

    1. How do I change the database cleanup settings?
    2. Optimum performance settings for Yoast
    3. How do I stop spam coming from my Gravity Forms?
    4. How Do I Password Protect Files on My Site?
  7. Flex Theme 

    1. Georgia State Flex Theme Elements in WPBakery (accordions, buttons, tabs, toggles, and links) - GSU Best Practices
    2. Add a sidebar menu in Flex 2
    3. How Do I Create a Mobile Version of My FLEX website?
    4. WPBakery Page Builder - How to Create Pages Using WPBakery
    5. Anchor Links in Flex 2
  8. News Hub 

    1. Tagging Stories For The News Hub Homepage
    2. Experts
    3. Adding a Press Release
    4. Using Experts in Article
    5. Add a featured faculty member or researcher to a post
  9. Digital Calendar - Localist 

    1. How do I Add an Event to the Localist Calendar as an Adminstrator?
    2. What size image should I upload in the Localist calendar?
    3. Can a PDF be attached to an event?
    4. Why doesn’t the Localist calendar have a 30-day grid-view?
    5. What is the approval process for getting events on the Localist calendar?
  10. Search Engine Optimization  

    1. How do I get started with SEO?
  11. Analytics 

    1. Campaign UTM Tagging for Google Analytics
    2. Where can I get analytics training?
  12. Menus 

    1. How can I create a separate Navigation Menu on FLEX theme
  13. Plugins 

    1. Changelog for WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer)
    2. Changelog for Ultimate Addons
    3. Changelog for Slider Revolution
    4. Changelog for Essential Grid
    5. Changelog for Easy Social Share Buttons
  14. WordPress 

    1. Editing Content: Using Styles
  15. Previous WordPress Themes 

    1. Categories and Tags
    2. How do I add a picture to my WordPress avatar?
    3. What are the logo sizes?
    4. Home Page Theme: Home Page Shortcodes
    5. Photography & Graphic Guide
  16. All articles 

    1. Categories and Tags
    2. Tabs
    3. How do I add related Posts to my page?
    4. Menu
    5. Posts
    188 articles 

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