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Replace Images and Files in Media Library

There are times when it is necessary to replace an image or file in the media library. While there are plugins to add this feature to WordPress, the Georgia State instance of WordPress requires a new image or file to be uploaded.

To replace an image or file on a page or post:

1. Log in to WordPress ( '' )
2. Access the page/post list from the menu on the left
3. Locate the page or post and click "Edit Page/Post"
4. Find the image or file in the editor and remove it
5. In the same location, add the media
6. In the media library window, select upload and add the new file (this should have a new file name)
7. Click the update button on the page or post to publish the change

What do you do when you need to have file names and links remain the same?

Sites needing to post PDFs and other documents should use the Download Manager feature in WordPress. The plugin allows the website manager to upload and control the visible version of each file. The tool also maintains the same link to each document. Download Manager is not automatically available in the plugin list. To activate it, please open a ticket.

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