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How do I stop spam coming from my Formidable Forms? (How to use reCAPTCHA)

The best way to stop spam from hitting your Formidable Forms is to use the reCAPTCHA field at the bottom of each and every one of your forms.

The reCAPTCHA field is the Javascript tool that scans a browser and may force people to complete a visual or audio challenge in order to submit. Every site should currently be set up for reCAPTCHA usage for all users who have access to Formidable Forms.

To add a reCAPTCHA field to your form, open your form on the backend, and look for the ADD FIELDS option on the left. You will see a bunch of options, including "reCAPTCHA". Select this option and the new reCAPTCHA field will appear at the bottom of your form. You can drag and drop it to anywhere you want in the form, but users expect it at the very bottom, so we recommend that you leave it there.

Save your form, and the reCAPTCHA will be live and visible on the form.

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