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How do I create a Formidable Forms form?

Gravity Forms is our main forms tool for the Georgia State websites. It allows you to create basic and simple forms, email confirmations, and view previously submitted entries.  If you need a tool that has more options and power behind it for a much more complex form, use Formidable Forms.

Formidable Forms also allows entries to be displayed on the frontend, and when you need to search and access entries with a more powerful search option in the backend.

We can show you how to migrate forms from Gravity Forms to Formidable Forms if you want all of your forms to be on one tool, but we will not migrate them for you. 

Example of a Formidable form:

Tips and Training Resources

  • You can use WPBakery elements to set the layout for the frontend section of your form.
  • If new styles are needed for your form, DO NOT use the "custom style settings." Instead, log a ticket in the UserVoice "Themes" queue so that we can incorporate it into our theme roadmap.
  • You can use the "Customize HTML" feature to move the position of the description field in the form to place it above the typable field to make the description clearer to the user.

Additional Information:

Formidable Forms has a well-documented knowledge base on their site. Read through it to learn how to create forms, run complex routing, configure recurring reports to be sent to your inbox, set up conditional field relationships, and create dependent field values among a host of other unique and powerful form options.

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