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How Do I Clear My Cache?

Clear Site Cache

After making changes to your site, you should clear the site cache to ensure changes appear on desktop and mobile. Each page will be recached the first time anyone visits the page. We recommend you consider the timing when you do this. It will take a moment and may affect performance while cache is rebuilt. 

1. Begin by logging into your website's WordPress dashboard. The address to log-in to the WordPress site is usually:

2. Enter your username and password.

3. Now you are logged into the website, look at the top black bar on your web site. This is part of your dashboard. On this top bar, you can control some of the features of your website. To begin clearing your cache, please hover over the word "Hummingbird".

4. In this tab, you have the option Clear Page Cache. This option clears the entire website's cache. If you don't see this option on the top bar, look for the Hummingbird menu item on the left menu and chose Caching, There will be a button to Clear Page cache.

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