How Do I Clear My Cache?

There are several ways to clear the cache but in our experience, this is the most effective way to clear your cache and reduce website update errors and Timeout issues.

1. Begin by logging into your website's WordPress dashboard. The address to log-in to the WordPress site is usually:

2. Enter your username and password

3. Now you are logged into the website. Go back to the page that is experiencing issues. Please look at the top black bar on your web site. This is part of your dashboard. On this top bar, you can control some of the features of your website. To begin clearing your cache, please hover over the word "Hummingbird"

4. In this tab, you have the option Clear Page Cache. This option clears the entire website's cache. We recommend you consider the timing when you do this.  It will take a moment and may make the performance of the page a bit slow for users until the cache is rebuilt.

The second option is the Clear Page Cache on the edit page screen. We highly recommend that your choose this button when you are having page issues (e.g. page updates are not appearing, page visuals are distorted etc.)

5. Once you click one of these options, your browser will clear the WordPress cache. Simply refresh your browsers webpage to see the difference. Remember to check on a browser you are not "logged into".

6. We highly recommend that you check multiple browsers ( Internet explorer 10+, Firefox, Chrome and/or Safari) to verify that the internal issues have been resolved on your website.

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