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Adding Social Media Posts To My Website?

Social media posts are added to the website using a third-party application called Juicer (https:/ Juicer allows you to embed social media posts from your account onto the website without conflicting with the current CSS styles and Javascript on your theme. 

The goal of this feed is to get visitors to view your social media profile and follow you. This allows visitors to stay up to date on events happening in your department. Therefore, we recommend showing only your latest 3-4 posts to entice visitors to follow you. All social media feeds must meet the Georgia State color and typography standards. You can change the color and style of your feed with the premium version of Juicer.

In order to adhere to the color and typography standards, we require that you use the paid version of Juicer. If you'd like to test Juicer before committing to the monthly price, you can sign up for a trial version. However, the trial version does NOT work with Twitter. In order to test with Twitter, you must purchase a monthly subscription. These subscriptions can be purchased through your department's P card. Contact your HR specialist for specific instructions and guidelines regarding your department's Pcard. 

After you've purchased a premium Juicer, you're ready to add it to your site. Juicer offers feed customizations and most are found in the dashboard. Basic color and text changes can be made directly from the "Custom Design" panel of your dashboard. 

Next, add this CSS style into the feed style (above the font colors section) 

.juicer-feed.slider .slick-prev, .juicer-feed.slider .slick-next {
  background: none;
  padding: 0 2px 0 2px;
.juicer-feed.slider .slick-prev:hover:before, .juicer-feed.slider .slick-next:hover:before {
  color: #0034a6 !important;
.juicer-feed.slider .slick-prev:before, .juicer-feed.slider .slick-next:before {
  font-size: 2.8rem !important;

Copy the iframe version of embed code and embed into the CSS Toolbox Pro. You can then place the CSS Toolbox Pro block into your page.

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