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How do I stop spam coming from my Gravity Forms?

The first method:

If you are using Gravity forms there is a setting you can attempt to use, which doesn't require a reCaptcha account.  At the bottom of the "settings" section of the form you will find a check box to enable the "Anti-spam Honeypot".  After you check the box save the form and clear the "Hummingbird" cache to ensure the setting is enabled. 

The second method:

If the "Anti-spam Honeypot" doesn't have an effect on bot traffic completing your form we can help you enable reCaptcha.  This is the Javascript tool that scans a browser and may force people to complete a visual or audio challenge in order to submit.  This will require a service to be added and for you to manage an account.  Use the "Contact Support" feature here on Uservoice to start a help request.

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