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Knowledge Base

  1. Accessibility 

    1. Creating an WCAG 2.0 AA Compliant Webpage
    2. Where can I learn more about web accessibility?
  2. Advertising & Analytics 

    1. Campaign UTM Tagging for Google Analytics
    2. Using the Google URL Builder
    3. Where can I get analytics training?
    4. How to add Google Analytics
  3. Campus Maps 

    1. Getting the link to a specific location on the Campus Map?
  4. Catalog Updates 

    1. Catalog Updates
  5. Designing & Building Pages 

    1. Getting Started in WordPress and WPBakery
    2. Basic Georgia State Web Rules and Formatting
    3. Restoring a previous version of a page?
    4. Best Practices for Mobile Layout
    5. How to change marquee images
  6. Events & Calendar (Localist) 

    1. How do I add an event to the Localist Calendar as an Adminstrator?
    2. What size image should I upload in the Localist calendar?
    3. Can a PDF be attached to an event?
    4. Why doesn’t the Localist calendar have a 30-day grid-view?
    5. What is the approval process for getting events on the Localist calendar?
  7. Forms & Chatbots 

    1. How do I create a Gravity Forms form?
    2. How do I create a Formidable Forms form?
    3. Gravity Forms notifications not appearing in my Inbox
    4. How do I stop spam coming from my Gravity Forms?
    5. How to Add ReCAPTCHA on Gravity Forms
  8. Media & Documents 

    1. Website Images - Best Practices
    2. Image and PDF Compression
    3. Add Images to the Media Library
    4. Where can I find Georgia State photos to use for my project?
    5. Replace Images and Files in Media Library
  9. News & Blogs 

    1. Categories and Tags
    2. Including news from News Hub in news listings on individual sites
  10. Organizational Tools 

    1. Using Advanced FAQs
    2. Getting Started with a Knowledgebase
  11. Policies & Guidelines 

    1. Can I Get a Vanity Link?
    2. Can I have FTP access to my site?
    3. Georgia State Flex Theme Elements in WPBakery (accordions, buttons, tabs, toggles, and links) - GSU Best Practices
    4. How can I get the latest news about WordPress updates?
    5. How Do I Add Plugins?
  12. Social Media 

    1. Setting the social share image, title and description for pages and posts?
    2. Adding Social Media Posts To My Website?
    3. Adding Social Share Buttons to a FLEX theme website
  13. User Access 

    1. Where do I login to edit my site?
    2. Adding Editors to your WordPress site
  14. Website & Search Optimization  

    1. Getting started with SEO
    2. Configuring Pages and Posts for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    3. Where can I learn about Usability Testing?
    4. How do I change the database cleanup settings?
    5. How Do I Clear My Cache?
  15. Previous WordPress Themes 

    1. Rows and Columns
    2. How do I add a picture to my WordPress avatar?
    3. Accordion
    4. What are the logo sizes?
    5. Anchor Links
  16. All articles 

    1. Categories and Tags
    2. How do I create a Gravity Forms form?
    3. Where do I login to edit my site?
    4. Rows and Columns
    5. How do I add an event to the Localist Calendar as an Adminstrator?

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