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How Do I Add Plugins?

If you are a site administrator and you require a WordPress plugin activated that already exists in your site's plugin library (found by clicking on "PLUGINS" in the left menu on the dashboard), simply find the plugin in the list that you need and click on "ACTIVATE" below its title.

If you do not have administrative access or cannot activate a plugin that already exists in the PLUGIN list, submit a ticket to the Office of Digital Strategy and we will look into activating the requested plugin and making sure that you can use it on your site.

If none of the hundreds of plugins currently available on the Georgia State PLUGIN list do what you need a plugin to do for your site, submit a ticket to the Office of Digital Strategy detailing the issue that you need resolved regarding a plugin and which plugin(s) you've already researched. Our specialized team will review your request and get back to you on their own findings and recommendations based on their combined decades of web and WordPress experience. If a new plugin is found to be the best option, our team will work with you in adding it to your site and training you on its usage.

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