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Using Advanced FAQs

Advanced FAQ is a plugin we use to create dynamic FAQ sections for your website. FAQs behave similarly to WordPress posts. They can be by categories or topics and custom ordered as needed and you can also include a context-sensitive search. They can also be displayed in a tab format.

To create one, go to your dashboard and search for Advanced FAQs. Click on the word Add New FAQ. Now, type in the question and answer you'd like to appear in the dropdown. Don't forget to add a category or topic; you'll need at least of these when adding the FAQs to the page.

No significant differences exist between these two taxonomies (category and topic). We recommend using categories for visual display and filtering and topics for pulling a set of FAQs from multiple categories. 

Now that your FAQs are complete, you'll need to add them to the page. Go to the page you'd like to place your FAQs. Next, make sure you're in the backend editor version. Finally, search for the element called "Text Block" and select it. When the box opens, click on the BWL icon. Below is a screenshot for reference.  
 You can also set [list="0"] to turn of Category or Topic name when displaying a single or group of categories.

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