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How do I change the database cleanup settings?

Hummingbird, our caching tool, also assists you in cleaning out all of the elements that directly affect the performance of your website dashboard. This feature defaulted to clean-up daily. The function removes deleted posts, old transients in the database, post revisions and even more database clutter.

For most website managers, the concern is losing post revisions. Some managers may use this feature as a tool to save different versions of pages to revert to them throughout the year. Using the revision tool is not recommended as a method to "save copies" of content for later use. Saving copies of pages can be done by building a draft or even copying the "text" of the content to a file you save off of WordPress. This practice ensures the dashboard stays as efficient as possible. 

Steps to Change Clean-up Settings 

To change the Hummingbird settings used to clean up a WordPress website: 
  1. Access the WordPress dashboard
  2. Click on "Hummingbird > Advanced Tools > Database Clean-up." 
  3. Here you can see what needs to be cleaned up and below are the settings to set the frequency.

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