Post Video Templates

There are three templates for adding videos to a Post using the new flex theme. These templates automatically pull in the current Post Title and Date.

1) Video Template 1 – Intro above Video

Sample Post:

2) Video Template 2 – Left intro

Sample Post:

3) Video Template 3 – Intro below Video

Sample Post:

To use one of the templates when adding a post:

  1. Add a new post.
  2. Set the Page Layout, right sidebar or full width.
  3. Set the Title to Show if desired.
  4. Use the  orbuttons in Visual Composer to select your template.

In addition, there are two options for display of the title and date.

  • The post title can't be set to hidden and then the Georgia State Visual Composer Entry Header and Date elements can be used to place the title above the video and the date below the video. Or the post title can be set to show which will place the title and date above the all post content including the video.
  • This also allows the flexibility of leaving the date off or moving the title below a portion of content.

You may also manually add a video to Visual Composer using the Visual Composer Video Player element which allows embedding of Youtube and Vimeo videos.

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