Using Experts in Article

There are two ways to reference Experts in a News Post or Page:

  • Individual Expert

  • List of Related Experts

See the following sample articles for working examples:

Individual Experts: an Individual Expert can be placed in a post or page using the Visual Composer (VC) GSU Expert element.

  • When adding an element in VC, choose GSU Expert.
  • Select the Expert from the list.
  • Set the "more" link if desired. For example, this might be set to the URL for the individual expert, /expert/post-title, or to a tag with a list of News Posts.

Related Experts: a list of related Experts can be placed in a page using the VC GSu Container Header and Post Grid elements.

Related Experts Title: The title and more link for the "related experts" list is set using the GS Container Header element.

  • When adding an element in VC, choose Container Header (in the GSU section of elements).
  • Enter the Title.
  • Enter a More Link if desired to link back to the Experts Page.

Related Experts List: The list of related experts is set using the VC Post Grid element. There is a VC Template called Related Experts that can be added to a page or post and modified or you can build the element using the steps below.

  • When adding an element in VC, choose Post Grid.
  • Apply the Related Experts Preset.
  • Narrow the source to a specific tag or topic as desired.
  • Change the order of the related experts under data settings if desired.
  • Set the Shadow Box Preset for the Column containing the post grid if desired.

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