Experts use a custom post type called Experts created/managed using the Types Toolset plugin.

See completed example:

Detail Display

The Expert detail page uses a Wordpress PHP Template file. All data is contained in the post type Fields.  

Key Field Notes:

  • All fields expect Publications and Education are used. These were maintained from the original bios in case they are needed at some point in the future.
  • The bio is intended to be a shorter bio per the example provided for Rajeev Dhawan. The original longer bios will not fit well in the template which was designed based on the bios being rewritten as shorter summaries to focus on the expertise of each Expert.
  • The bio goes in the Bio field not the post description.
  • Both the short and long Expertise fields must be filled in.

Other Key Notes:

  • The default display for posts/pages/custom post types in the Flex Theme is to "hide" the title. This was intentional as most pages and posts in the design use a custom post title. Therefore, the Title setting must be set to show for the name of the Expert to be displayed above the picture.
  • The Expert Name is pulled from the post title field.

Landing Page Featured Experts Grid

The Experts Grid on the home page (landing page layout) is a Visual Composer Post Grid using the Featured Experts Preset. To place an Expert grid on a lading page:

  • Add a VC Post Grid
  • Choose the Featured Experts Preset
  • Choose the Featured Experts Grid
  • To get the shadow, use the Shadow Box Preset on the VC Column which contains the grid not the Post Grid itself
  • Use the Narrow Data Source setting on the General Tab of the Post Grid to pull experts from a specific topic and/or tag for a custom landing page.
  • Use the Order options under Data Settings to adjust the order.

Experts Page

The Experts Page (menu option) is a combination of a custom VC row/column with a header, text summary, social share icons and picture to set the expectations for the page. The heading, summary and picture are edited using Visual Composer.

The grid is an essential grid with Search and a Topic Filter. The filter uses the Expert Topics taxonomy. An Expert must be assigned at least one Topic top show up on this page. The short expertise from the Experts post is used on this grid along with the School/College and Department. The "name" is pulled from the Expert Post title field.

Experts In the News

The Experts In the News Quote and List of Articles is created using the Experts In the News post type and added to an expert page using Visual Composer.

For each expert, add "In the News Posts" under the Admin, Experts in the News menu item.

  • Set the Title, Summary and Page Links to with the URL of the article set to open in a new window.
  • Add a featured image if desired.
  • Tag the posts to identify them with the expert.
  • On the Expert detail page, under Visual Composer, click Add Template, then select the Experts in the News template.Modify the Pull Quote element as needed.
  • Change the tag defining the selected "Experts In the News" posts under Narrow the Data Source on the General tag


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