Why Does My Website Say "Unable to Serve This Request"

The "Unable to Serve This Request" page means that your web server is having a difficult time communicating with the Cloud database server. This communication error usually occurs when the website servers are competing with other admins, database backups, total cache page rebuilds, redirects as users navigate the site, etc. for a signal to the cloud server.

Our team is working tirelessly to correct these issues on our cloud server. In the meantime, we suggest some temporary solutions you can use to get your website back in working order. First, keep refreshing your browser and clearing your browser's cache, browsing history and possibly switch to another browser (preferably Firefox since we notice fewer timeout error using this browser). To learn how to clear your web browsers cache, please visit the individual web browser's support page. We also highly recommend downloading plugins that can make clearing your web browser's cache faster for you to complete.

Second, we recommend clearing your WordPress website's cache every few hours to reduce the amount of Unable to Serve This Request errors. To do this, login to your WordPress account. On the top of the page click Performance -> Empty All Caches. The website will refresh and inform you that the cache has been cleared.

 We understand this is incredibly frustrating but once you complete these steps, you will see a tremendous different in timeout errors. When we have fixed the errors completely, this ticket will be updated immediately.

For a more detailed article on how to clear cache, please visit our other Uservoice article: How Do I Clear My Cache?

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