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News Carousel


There is now a news carousel available, which looks the same as the sliding news box on the homepage.  With it you can cycle through 4, 6, 8 or 10 news items from a feed of your choosing.

Screen capture during carousel transition

How It Works

Use the shortcode like this:

[news-carousel num=4 feed=""]


feedThe feed attribute  can be any valid Wordpress Feed including categories, tags, etc. 

category feed format
: http://site url/category/category name/feed

tag feed format: http://site url/tag/tag name/feed

The following links have more detailed information on feed urls for Wordpress
 hrefThe href attribute sets the url for the News Tab on the right of the articles.  Default is
excerpt  either true or false to display the excerpt or hide it (default: false)
 pubauthortrue/false whether you allow this plugin homepage to be displayed in the footer or not (default: true)

Displays 'Powered by RSS Just Better' in module area. Set 'false' to turn off.
 cachefeed cache refresh for the feed (in seconds) (default: 3600 => 1h)
 link_textThe text of the rss feed link on the right side of the articles, the default is 'News.'
 numNumber of news items to rotate through.  Must be either 4, 6, 8 or 10.  
NOTE:  Do not put more items in the shortcode than are available in the feed, this will result in a broken news-carousel

Example using all attributes

[news-carousel  feed="" href="" excerpt="true" pubauthor="false" cachefeed=2000 link_text="Blog" num=4]

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