Media Tags Plugin

The Media-Tags plugin allow you assign tags to your uploaded media (i.e. Image, document, etc.) much like the way you assign tags to post in WordPress. The Media-Tags plugin add new fields to the Media Upload popup on the Pages and Posts editor as well as the edit form on the Media Library editor form.

The Media Tags plugin has been network activated on Georgia State's network, but this causes a problem with permissions defaulting to 'no', meaning that some users are not able to use the plugin. To repair this problem, the plugin will need to be activated on each individual site.  The permissions appear to default to 'yes' when the plugin is activated via the plugins menu by a site administrator.  However, the administrator that activates the plugin, should go to 'Media-Tags' on the lower part of the left sidebar in the dashboard...

...and choose 'Roles Management' to ensure the active permissions match their expectations for each user on the site.

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