**Adding ShareStream to WordPress


This post details how to retrieve the ShareStream embed code and use it in your WordPress site.

What do you need to get started

How to:

Move Your File to Your Public Folder

  1. If you do not have one already, request a ShareStream account.
  2. Go to gsu.sharestream.net.
  3. Log in with your CampusID and password.
  4. Navigate to the file you wish to move. Right click (or Control + Click on a Mac) the file and select Move Asset.
  5. Select the desired location for your file under Public Content, and click OK.
  6. In the confirmation window, click OK.
  7. Click OK in the success window.

Retrieve the ShareStream Embed Code

  1. Find your media file under Public Content.
  2. Right-click (or Command + Click on a Mac) your media file and select the iFrame Embed Code
  3. You will get an embed code that looks something like this:
<iframe width="420" height="320" style="border:none;" src="https://gsu.sharestream.net:443/ssdcms/embedplayer..."></iframe>
Paste it into your wordpress text editor and change the <>'s to []'s and adjust your width and height as needed, like this:

[iframe width="570" height="320" style="border:none;" src="https://gsu.sharestream.net:443/ssdcms/embedplayer..." ][/iframe]

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