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How to Add ReCAPTCHA on Gravity Forms

Gravity forms is an excellent tool for creating forms. However, occasionally spammers use this as an opportunity to send fraudulent information to form managers. Usually, anti-spam honeypot mitigates the spam. However, with some spammer, you might need something more substantial. If this is the case for your department, we recommend setting up reCAPTCHA to block these spammers from your gravity form.

Before you begin, you will need the site key and secret key for reCAPTCHA. Contact our office for these credentials. Our e-mail address is

ReCAPTCHA is easy to setup. To start, go to your dashboard and log in. You might need to verify your login with DUO.

Next, go to Forms > Settings. Scroll down to reCAPTCHA setting, Type in the site key and secret key. Make the Type invisible. 

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