Faculty and Staff Custom Types - Best Practices


Using the Faculty and Staff type is an easy way to build profiles and a directory page for your departments Faculty and Staff.  To use this custom type, the custom type needs to be imported on your site.

Import Faculty and Staff type

The Faculty and Staff custom type may have been added to your site when it was created, but if you do not see the Faculty and Staff tab on the left side of the WordPress Dashboard

then this custom type needs to be imported.

To import the Faculty and Staff custom type, first download the file by clicking here.

Then go to Types: Import/Export in the dashboard.  Click 'Browse...', select the file you just downloaded, and click 'Import File'. Note: the user interface says 'Upload XML file,' but it is fine to upload the zip file you just downloaded.

Using the default selections on the next page is fine; it is best not to change anything unless you know what the effect will be.

Add a Profile

To add a faculty or staff profile, go to the 'Faculty and Staff' tab and click add new.  The new page will have several fields to complete.  You should note that '-None-' is selected for 'Faculty Rank' then the 'Position' field will be displayed on the Directory page, which is located at subdomain.gsu.edu/profile.

Image size:  Portraits must be sized at 300px X 300px.

Broadcast Profile to a Subsite

To broadcast a profile to a subsite, toggle open the 'Broadcast' box in the lower right corner of the profile editor screen, click the arrow next to 'Broadcast to:', and check the site you want to send the profile to.  You may have to import the Faculty and Staff custom type into the subsite.  To do so, follow the directions outlined above.

Added Functionality

You now have the ability to add a Curriculum Vitae field, which adds the ability to upload a PDF containing the Faculty/Staff person's CV.  You can also add a title for the URL, which will display instead of the URL itself (e.g., Google vs www.google.com).

To activate these fields you need to add them to the Faculty and Staff Profile custom post type.  

Go to Types->Custom Fields->Profile
  • Add a single line text field to the Faculty Staff Profile types custom field group called URL title with slug “urltitle”
  • Add a file field to the Faculty Staff Profile types custom field group called Curriculum Vitae with slug “cv”
  • The fields should like the image below.  Be sure to Save.

Now those fields will be available in the Profile editor.  If they are left blank they will not appear in the individual profile.

NOTE: Adding other additional fields does not mean they will appear on a profile; fields are built in two places.  They must be added to the Types plugin (as outlined above)and coded into the profile template in the themes in order to work.

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