How to Use The Pull Tab

Since the pull tab is considered a widget in Wordpress. We must go to the widget section of the Wordpress site by first logging in by visiting www.theaddressofyoursite/wp-admin.php and typing in your Wordpress username and password

Second, click on the "widgets" section under the "Appearance section of the dashboard. This appearance button is located on the left hand side. 

Third, on the left hand side, you will see a box called "left sidebar". The left sidebar is the box that controls some aspects of your menu and pull bar. If you want to create a pull bar with a link and some text, drag the "text" box in the "available widgets" in the "pull bar" section of the left sidebar.

Finally, type in the text and links that you want to show up in your pull tab. Make sure you save your changes so they show up on the site.

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