YouTube URL Plugin

A new plugin has been added which embeds a youtube video using a url.  The height, width and other attributes of the video may be used by adding parameters to the url.  Details on use of the plugin are available at

Here is an example:

Image Sizes:

    • Post Featured (In Default Page Layout , 620, 0
    • Post Category (Sidebar List of other Posts in a category), 300, 0
    • Tour Guide and Advisors, 220 X 300
    • Plain Box, 280, 150

Card and product boxes use images with a 1.5 Width to Height ratio. The image width will be sized first and the height adjusted to match. Note: the box shortcode was designed to size the image for a 3 or 4 column layout.  Images will not size to fill a box in a 2 column layout - a Big Feaure post can be used to accomplish this .

    • Jumbo Post (1 Column)  460, 332
    • Big Feature Post (2 Columns), 460, 305
    • Stacked Posts (posts shortcode inside a column in a 2 column row), 180, 120
    • Stacked Posts (posts shortcode inside a column in a 3 column row), 100, 75
    • Posts 3 Columns, 300, 204
    • Posts 4 Columns, 220, 146
    • Directory Profile, 300, 300
    • Mega Menu Image from Post (in Widget Area), 260, 130
    • Carousel  Slide Default Page Layout, 620, 300
    • Carousel Slide Home Page, 0, 360
The image is vertically scaled to 360 and the width of the image is used up to the appropriate width.

  •          The Core Theme uses a 960 wide image.
  •          The Department Theme uses a 980 wide image
 When used above the masthead tag, if a 1200X360 image is used, it will be horizontally and vertically scaled to fit.

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