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RPS - Include


The RPS Include Content plugin is useful when you need to include the same content across many posts or pages. The basic syntax of the shortcode is [rps-include blog=# post=#].

Example Code

 [rps-include blog=3 post=5613 title="true"] 


title Use a boolean (true/false) to specify whether to display the title of the source content on the target post/pages. The default is ‘false’.
 titletag  Use h1 through h6 to define the tag to wrap around the title. The default is ‘h2′.
 titlelink    Specify whether the titletag should be a link to the included post. The default is ‘false’.
 Content  Specify whether to use the included post’s content, excerpt or none. The default is ‘content’.
 filter  Force the included content to be processed by “the_content” filter. The default is ‘false’.
 shortcodes    Specify whether shortcodes should be allowed to remain in included posts. The default is ‘true’.


   What if my included content loses its formatting?

It seems that there are cases where the default content filters are not applied before the content is displayed. If this is the case then you simply need to add the shortcode attribute "filter" and set it to "true".

   So what if I want to show the title of the source content (blog 2, post 500) wrapped in a h3 with the title being a link?

You would use the shortcode like so: [rps-include blog=2 post=500 title=true titletag=h3 titlelink=true]

   What if I only want to show the title of the source content?

You would specify the content attribute like so: [rps-include post=500 content=none]. Setting the content attribute to 'none' forces the title to show.

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