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Used to place a simple menu or list of links in the form of a simple menu in a page or sidebar. This shortcode uses a custom menu created in the menu section of the Wordpress Admin console.


[menu menu="main" title="Title Override"]


menu     Name of menu to be inserted.

title        Alternative title for menu.

The following attributes will be available after wordpress core is upgraded (scheduled for 4.18.2015)

colorblock     Can be 'red' or 'gray' and will change the background color of the menu title accordingly

card     'true', default is false.  Sets the title area to match the style of Card boxes for placement next to Card boxes.

horizontal      'true', default is false.  Changes the menu from a vertical menu to a horizontal menu.  Horizontal menu items are 4 items wide in full width templates (e.g. Home) and 3 items wide in the                            default template (templates are detected automatically).  On 'hover' the menu item background-color changes to red.  NOTE: this attribute will override the following attributes: title, colorblock, and card.


[menu menu="main" colorblock="red" title="Title Override"]

[menu menu="main" colorblock="gray"  card="true"]

[menu menu="main" horizontal="true"]
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Full Width

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