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How do I add related Posts to my page?


Used to pull the most recent posts or pages from a category or list of posts using the [posts] shortcode.


When used by itself, the result is a row of posts. The posts are distributed based on the # of posts indicated in the shortcode.

Example Code



When used inside a column, the result is a column of stacked posts. The featured image from the post or page is automatically used.

Example Code


Note: This shortcode has specific styled behavior when used with the Home Page Template.


id optional ids of post to be featured

category optional category ids of posts to be featured separated by commas

tag optional tag ids of posts to be featured separated by commas

numberposts number of posts to be featured

type type of posts to pull, page or post

excerpt ”false” hides the excerpt for a post; useful for displaying pictures and titles only; Note: iff no excerpt exists in the excerpt box for the post or page, one will be created from the content of the referenced post/page.

thumbnail  ”false” hides the featured post image; useful for displaying links only when combined with excerpt=”false”

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