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Adding Youtube with shortcode


A new plugin has been added which easily embeds a youtube video using the youtube url of the video (e.g.,  

Simply navigate to the youtube video you wish to embed, copy the URL and paste it into your post or page.


Example Code

Note: The above code must be on a line by itself in the text editor or it will not work.  Should a situation arise in which this code cannot be on a line by itself, the code must be inserted using the embed code. See below:

Example (take note that the width and height attributes have to go in the embed tag using this method): 

[button href=""]This is my button[/button][embed width="500" height="350"] [/embed]


The plug-in has several useful options (attributes) that can be used by adding them to the end of the URL with the '&' symbol, see the examples below: 

&width and &height 

Control the size of the embedded video on the page by adding these attributes. If omitted, the default width will be the width of your theme's content and the height will be calculated for you automatically. 



To have the video automatically play when the page loads, set this attribute to '1' .



Close captioning is available on many videos.  To turn closed captioning on, set this attribute to '1'. 



The video can play repeatedly by setting this attribute to '1'. 



To remove the YouTube logo from the player during play, set this attribute to '1'. 



To avoid youtube displaying related videos after the the video ends, you can set this attribute to '0'.


&start and &end

Set the start and end times (in seconds) of the video with these attributes.  They can be used separately or together. 



Learn more about the plugin and other attributes here:

Make your videos responsive

To make your videos respond to user resizing of windows or using mobile platforms, activate the Fluid Video Embeds plugin and wrap your videos in [fve][/fve] tags, e.g.


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