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Creating a link to a group of locations on Campus Map?

There are multiple options to do this:
  • Create a Tour with multiple locations (a Tour shows a connected path between multiple locations and can be created for you by the Digital Strategy team. Turn in a ticket with a Map Tour request), or
  • TO DISPLAY A GROUP OF LOCATIONS IN A CATEGORY, open the Campus Map with no locations selected (!ce/0?s/). Then, in the left-side menu, select the specific categories that contain the locations that you want to link to, zoom in or zoom out to the magnification that you want the link to open in, and then center locations.

    Once you have it how you want it to look when your link opens the map up, look up to the upper right-hand corner of the screen for the "social share" button that says "Share Map View." Click on it.

    Grab the link that is produced and you have the URL to open up that exact view of the map anywhere you link it. If you're linking to the map from your GSU website, make sure the link opens in a new tab.
  • TO DISPLAY A GROUP OF LOCATIONS NOT IN A CATEGORY, you need to be a map administrator. Submit a ticket with the specific locations you want to appear in your map, and we will send you the URL.

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