Document Management: Displaying Documents in a Search List

Your documents can be displayed in a search page which can be filtered by categories and keywords. You can display all your documents and categories in a page or only a specific. category or categories. To do this you will need to insert a shortcode in a text box on the search page.  Download Manager Pro provides a shortcode builder element to assist with setting up the search shortcode.

Inserting the Search Shortcode

We use the wpm-archive shortcode. This is accessed from the download manager shortcode builder in the WordPress visual editor in classic mode or in a WPBakery text element.

From the download manager shortcode builder:
  • Choose the Other Shortcodes tab
  • Scroll down to the Archive Page
  • If you only want to display a specific category (and subcategories), select them. To display all categories and documents, don't select a category.
  • Set the category view to Extended to show the category filters on the left as buttons, the Compact view to show them in a drop down or Hidden to hide the category filters.
  • Choose Primary for the button type
  • Select a Link Template (This determines how your documents look in the list. We will provide several default templates or you can refer to the Download Manager Pro documentation on creating templates.)
  • Set the field to order by
  • Set the order to DEC or ASC
  • Insert the shortcode

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