How do I add (embed) a Campus Bird map to my site?

By using the Campus Bird map system that Georgia State has chosen as its primary mapping application, you can add a 3D-rendered map of your address to use on your site.

First go to the Georgia State Campus Bird map here. Choose the campus that you want to display from the top menu. 

Then, by using the options on the left like Athletics, Buildings on Campus, Parking, Housing, etc, narrow your choice down to a specific building or set of locations. 

I have narrowed my selection down to just one building (see below). 

After doing so, I leave this building highlighted and then click on the "Share Map View" icon in the top right. It's the icon to the right of the "Map Feedback" button that is three dots connected by lines. Once you click on it it will tell you "LINK COPIED."

Now go to your website and open your CSS and JS Toolbox plugin settings page. Create a new Code Block and name it something like "Map".

Here is the code to place in the CSS and JS Toolbox Code Block. Replace the bit in bold with the URL that you got from Campus Bird. Save this Code Block.

 <iframe width="1000px" height="500px" src="!m/295229?ce/27053?mc/33.75434370750847,-84.38527822494508?z/17?lvl/0" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> 

Next place the following bit of code in the page that you want the map displayed on, replacing the text in bold with whatever you actually named the Code Block:
[cjtoolbox name='Map']

NOTE: Currently the Campus Bird iframe map feature displays a warning that tells visitors that they have to accept a cookie, and so until they change this so that this message does not come up we have to do the following.

After adding the Source Code for CSS & JS Toolbox to the page and place on the page you want it, open that page, click on the "Accept" button on the Campus Bird map embedded on the page, and then screen capture that portion of the page. 

Take that screen capture and add the following "clickable" graphic to the bottom right, and then replace the CSS & JS Toolbox Source Code with an image that links to the actual Campus Bird map using the URL you collected before.  This will only be a temporary step until we can get Campus Bird to remove the Cookie Policy they have in place now.

The final graphic that you place in the page should look like this:

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