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How do I add Vidyard video or video collections to my web page?

If you do not have access to Georgia State's official Vidyard account but would like a video that is already created uploaded and saved to the account, please submit a ticket at

Once you have your video uploaded and tested on the Vidyard site, you are given a couple of blocks of code that you can then use to post the video anywhere on your GSU website that you like.

Take the code you are given (it should look like this):

<script type="text/javascript" async src=""></script>
  style="width: 100%; margin: auto; display: block;"

and place it in a new code block in the CSS and JS Toolbox WordPress plugin on your site.

Next, take the CSS and JS Toolbox source code (in this case, [cjtoolbox name='Vidyard Code'] ) and place it in a text box on the page you want it, precisely where you want it to appear on the live page.

Save the page and then clear the cache for the page. Open the live page that you added the source code to and refresh the page.  The video or video collection should appear on your page where you placed it.

How can I disable autoplay?

To disable the autoplay feature in VidYard, the video can be set In the system to never autoplay.  You can also add:

data-autoplay="0" at the bottom of the <img embed code.

Additional query string variables:

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