Using Video Backgrounds

Over the past several years, the use of video backgrounds became popular on the web. Some recent changes in accessibility guidelines and browser behavior have changed the expected behavior of video backgrounds.

  • Mobile devices will not auto play video. You are required to allow the user to choose to play the video to avoid unwanted use of mobile bandwidth.
  • Apple Safari behaves the same on all devices so background video will not play on safari.
  • It is a violation of accessibility guidelines to auto play a video without providing player controls. Browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari are now detecting background videos set to autoplay and preventing them from playing
As a result of these changes, it is no longer possible to use a background video in tools like Slider Revolution and get consistent behavior across browsers and devices.

Following are best practices to use "background video" in Slider Revolution when appropriate:

  • Do not set the video as a background video. 
  • Add the Video as a layer, set it to loop and autoplay and set the slider to full width or full screen (if the slider is set to full screen, make sure to subtract the pixels for the header area (124px for all sites with a Site Title area; 84px for all sites without a Site Title area (e.g.,
  • The added video layer will automatically pause/play on click.
  • To be compliant with accessibility standards, you should add a statement in the lower right or left telling users to click the video background to pause/play

Need to add instructions for using Visual Composer Utlimate Add-on Background Video which manages loading delay.

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