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Document Management (Download Manager)

If you load documents and pdfs on your site, you should be using document management tools. The plugin WordPress Download Manager Pro is used for document management. 

Download Manager allows you to organize, search and display your documents without date specific urls. In addition, Download Manager provides a unique url which doesn't change when the file is updated making it easier to manage and update your documents.

Planning for document management is similar to planning your site map. You will need to define your document organizational structure before you begin loading documents. There are several things to consider when using the  document management tools:
  • Do you have different types of documents for different uses or different categories of the same type of documents?
  • Do you have a large number of documents that require search or do you just need to list small numbers of documents in different places?
  • Do you already have documents on a site that need to be moved to a new site or into download manager.
The answers to these question will determine which add-on and shortcodes to use and provide us with the information we need to assist you.

Prior to requesting the Download Manager plugin and add-ons be activated, please submit a ticket and schedule a meeting with our team to review your requirements so we can assist you in getting the tools setup to meet your needs.

Prior to meeting with us, take a few minutes to review the following articles on download manager.

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