Changelog for Formidable Forms

== Changelog ==
= 3.04.01 =
* New: When a form includes a user ID field, include helpers in the Advanced tab to get data from the user profile for use in emails and other form actions.
* Code: Refactor and clean up the code for the Advanced tab in the form settings sidebar
* Code: Add frm_advanced_helpers hook to move some Advanced shortcode examples to Pro
* Code: Add frm_field_code_tab hook to add extra shortcodes in the customization sidebar for a single field
* Update translations

= 3.04 =
* New: Add option to duplicate a form action
* New: Add option to turn form actions on or off
* New: Add frm_is_multiple_select hook

= 3.03.03 =
* Improve the appearance of the import/export page
* Move the admin menu position below the post comments
* Remove unused CSS including CSS for login forms in the user registration plugin
* Override theme styling for box shadows on inputs
* Add a new migrator class that will serve as a base for migrations from other form builder plugins
* Add a prepare_field_value function for altering the value show inside a form field that can be overridden in extension classes for fields

= 3.03.02 =
* Fix: When syntax highlighting was turned off in the user profile, the custom CSS box didn't appear.
* Fix: Allow 'aside' tags in the form widget. Don't remove it when sanitizing.
* Fix: When a form includes a reCaptcha, the loading indicator on the submit button wasn't triggered on submit.
* Fix: The reCaptcha label was orphaned and didn't pass WCAG compliance. This fix applies to new reCaptcha fields. For existing fields, delete it and add it again.
* Fix: Automatically scroll the form builder window when a field is dragged and dropped in the form.
* Fix: Use a percentage for left labels instead of a fixed with to ensure the margin isn't too big for small spaces.

= 3.03.01 =
* Fix: Allow the section html in the form widget. Don't remove it when sanitizing.
* Fix: Show the scrollbar for the list of fields in Chrome on the form builder. Some devices don't allow scrolling without it.

= 3.03 =
* Fix: Custom css like #frm_field_196_container > label was being sanitized and preventing the > from working correctly
* Fix: Allow <i icon="something"> to pass sanitization in checkbox and radio field options
* Fix: A warning message in the form style builder was sometimes appearing multiple times and not closing
* Move datepicker css and images to Pro form builder

= 3.02.02 =
* Update PO file for translation

= 3.02.01 =
* Fix: Allow the heading class and ids to stay for the sidebar form widget. The headings were missing a class and not the same as other headings in some themes.
* Fix: If all form templates are deleted, keep the 'templates' nav item so new templates can still be created.
* Fix: When creating a new form, don't include trashed form templates in the form template options
* Fix: Remove outdated sslverify references
* Fix: The sample form for the form styler didn't have a great layout when CSS grids were turned on

= 3.02 =
* New: Add support for WordPress export and erase personal data options for easier GDPR support
* Fix: HTML was getting stripped in field labels when a form was edited on the form builder page
* Fix: If a field option includes HTML, allow the HTML rather than sanitizing it with entities
* Fix: When the 'add option' button on the form builder is clicked multiple times, add the options correctly if the previous option isn't yes showing in the form maker
* Fix: The HTML for the link to the user profile was showing in the sidebar when editing or viewing an entry
* Code change: Move input classes into the field object class so it can be more easily overridden and amended. The FrmFieldType->get_input_class() function can be overridden in sub classes

= 3.01.03 =
* Fix: Add responsive styling for the .frm_four_col class when grids are disabled
* Fix: Fix number field HTML5 min, max, and step. This code was still in the pro form builder
* Fix: More escaping for translated strings, and whitelist false positives for code security tools
* Fix: When form builder is loaded with ajax, prevent errors when the default value is an array
* Fix: Add a nonce check when updating settings for a form
* Removed: Get rid of the start tour. We will add this back in a less annoying way.

= 3.01.02 =
* New: Add frm_sanitize_shortcodes hook. This hook allows shortcodes in field values to be processed rather than shown on the page.
* Fix: Stylesheets weren't saving correctly when multiple styles were used for forms

= 3.01.01 =
* New: Replace the jQuery colorpicker with the WordPress colorpicker in the visual form styler
* New: Process shortcodes in the redirect url after form submission
* New: frm_override_default_styles and frm_default_style_settings hooks
* Fix: Prevent shortcodes inside field values from being processed in more places including the redirect url. This is a security precaution.
* Fix: A default contact form was being added with each update. This update ensures the contact form is only generated once.
* Fix: Allow the visual form styler to show instant changes to the sample contact form since server limits of url size were being hit in some cases.
* Fix: HTML was being stripped from some form field settings on the form creator page like validation messages

= 3.01 =
* New: Added frm_js_location hook for saving the combined javascript file in a different location
* New: Added frm_include_field_in_content hook for excluding fields in the default email message
* Tweak: Process shortcodes inside the form validation messages
* Tweak: Reduce page load time by not autoloading the saved form styling from the database. In most cases, this data is saved in the CSS file, and doesn't need to be retrieved from the database.
* Fix: The Invisible reCaptcha wasn't being validated correctly in contact forms when the Pro version was not running.
* Fix: Run the server-side form validation on a number field that uses 0 for the minimum value. This was being skipped.
* Fix: Show the label above a dropdown field if the label position is set to inside since dropdown placeholders are not yet supported. Plus, don't show the Inside label position option for any fields that don't allow placeholders.
* Fix: If there is an error during a database update, make sure it can try again in the future
* Fix: Prevent more conflicts with Divi when editing some posts with forms
* Fix: Form fields without CSS grids were not aligning correctly with left, right, or inline labels

= 3.0.06 =
* New: Include the option to duplicate a form in the free form maker
* Fix: If the reply to address in the email is not specified, use only the from email without the from name to increase receivability
* Fix: Improve form styling without CSS grids when using left, right, and inline labels
* Fix: Make the frmFrontForm.fieldValueChanged function public in the javascript so it can be triggered by scripts in other plugins

= 3.0.05 =
* Fix: The visual form styler didn't look good when CSS grids were turned off
* Fix: Prevent past database migrations from being run again. This was making some field sizes much larger.
* Fix: If field sizes are extra long, reverse them because it most likely happened in the last release.
* Fix: Sort by a number field on the entries page was ordering by text instead of number
* Fix: The export page was showing weird styling for the form selector on some sites
* Fix: If CSS grids are off, don't force the width to 100% for form fields like before

= 3.0.04 =
* Fix required validation: URL and number fields were requiring a value when the field was not required
* Fix double recaptcha validation which was causing it to fail validation

= 3.0.03 =
* Enhancement: Use relative path in the form css now that the css is inside the plugin. Now font icons will continue working without a style save when the site url is changed.
* Fix: Save a different stylesheet file for each site in a network to prevent them from saving over eachother
* Fix: Use auto field height when grids are off to prevent tiny form fields on some sites
* Fix: Correctly set default email message to 100% width
* Fix: Fields with a layout class and labels set to right or left were not aligned right with CSS grids off
* Fix: Some field shortcodes weren't being processed when the whitespace was abnormal from some cases of copy/paste
* Fix: Set the width of the box with field types on form builder page a bit differently to prevent it from being too small when the page includes a lot of admin notices at the top
* Remove a few 100% translations from the plugin so WordPress can handle it

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