How can I create a separate Navigation Menu on FLEX theme

If you have a subsite that is being hosted on your main site (for example: Bands under the School of Music site), and you want Bands to have its own navigation menu, you need to do the following:

  1. Create a new menu on the Dashboard > Appearance > Menus section. Give it the name of the sub-section that requires its own navigation menu. Populate it with pages from your site.

  2. Then in the tab at the top of the Menus page, select "Manage Locations."  If you cannot see this tab, contact Digital Strategy by turning in a ticket at and we will set the plugin up that displays Manage Locations.
  3. Once on the Manage Locations tab, under Primary Navigation Menu, click on "+ Conditional Menu." Then, from the new dropdown menu that appears, select the previously set up menu that you want to use.  Finally, click on "+ Conditions" and select which pages or categories you want this menu to become the primary navigation menu on.

  4. When choosing your conditions for which pages you want this new navigation menu to become the primary on, you will want to consider how it will be easiest and fastest to do this for your site. If you have a small number of pages that you need this menu on, it may be quickest to simply select the specific pages under the "Pages" tab. Or, if you have a lot, it may be easiest and clearest to give the pages that need this menu the same category, and then in the "+ Conditions" popup menu, simply select the categories that you want (See below). Save your changes.

  5. Once you have made these changes for the Primary Navigation Menu, you will want to replicate everything that you just did for the Mobile Navigation Menu. Save your changes.
  6. Finally, you will want to go to every page that you have selected to have this new menu appear as the Primary Navigation Menu, and in the Backend editor, scroll down till you see "Title Area". Make sure that this is set to "Show". Then create a section title with a link to what this new sub-section's homepage will be.  If you wish to have a subtitle that links back to the primary site's main page, create this in the "Section Subtitle" field. Save the page.

    The final page will look similar to the example below:

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