Changelog for Easy Social Share Buttons

Version 5.6.1, September 2nd, 2018

  • UPDATE  Notice: This patch is only to prevent the false positive warning about the mobile-detect.php file containing a suspected malware URL. The URL in question was present in a comment in the file concerned. Comments are not executable code, and thus, the presence of this URL in the comment cannot cause any direct harm to our users websites. We removed the URL to stop the warning in Wordfence.If you are not using Wordfence, you can skip this version

Version 5.6, July 29th, 2018

  • NEW New share to social networks added: Fintel & Mix
  • NEW Click to Chat function with support of WhatsApp & Viber
  • NEW Options for size and alignment control in Social Profiles
  • NEW New analytics dashboard with more useful information and detailed reports
  • NEW Added option to the mobile share buttons bar to show individual button counters
  • NEW ConvertKit integration inside subscribe forms
  • NEW All internal share counters are updating at real time
  • NEW Option to deactivate the share buttons on selected categories (from Manage Plugin Features)
  • NEW Option to forward the confirmation in subscribe form to a custom mailing list field. Supported by MailChimp, GetReponse, MailPoet, ActiveCampaign, CampaignMonitor, SendInBlue
  • NEW Option to make name field required in subscribe forms
  • NEW Include a parameter postid to the shortcode for share buttons
  • NEW Filter to control the rel state of share commands essb_share_link_rel
  • NEW Included inside translation fields for invalid email and fill in all form fields
  • UPDATE  Updated essb_after_sharebutton_click action – added a parameter for post_id and service
  • UPDATE  Visual updates over plugin settings panel
  • UPDATE  Updated followers counter widget registration code to avoid notice message on PHP 7.2
  • UPDATE  Improved Gutenberg compatibility
  • UPDATE  Added followers counter access token field to receive data
  • UPDATE  The wizard will no longer automatically deactivate Developer Tools options like in past. Keep in mind and if you need to do that go manually from the Manage Plugin Features menu.
  • FIXED  Client side Facebook counter update was not working properly on internal pages when custom share URL is set
  • FIXED  Missing email share parameters on mobile when mail button was in more screen
  • FIXED  Fixed an issue with quotes in the share booster close message custom text
  • FIXED  Fixed an issue with the extarnal RollingCurlX library causing to fill the logs with notification message
  • FIXED  Fixed the missing icon of Click To Tweet inside editor

Version 5.5.2, May 2nd, 2018

  • UPDATE  Remove the option to automatically close Facebook share dialog when share is made. That function was deprecated by Facebook on 2nd of May, 2018. Update is required for all users. You can read more about that Facebook change inside our blog announcement.

Version 5.5.1, April 30th, 2018

  • FIXED  Possible problem with Autoptimize that may cause CSS minification to broke site layout

Version 5.5, April 30th, 2018

  • NEW Added additional option to setup checkbox on subscribe forms for terms and privacy confirmation (recommended in EU for GDPR)
  • NEW Support for adding form ID to Active Campaign subscription. Form ID allows to use all form rules
  • NEW Added variable {postid} to UTM tracking replacement
  • NEW WhatsApp web share available as option. You can activate it from Social Sharing -> Networks -> Additional Network Options
  • NEW Global share command filter essb_share_command_{$network} that support change of bundled social networks share commands
  • NEW Option to fully deactivate internal share counter tracking (remove code and action). Option is located in Social Sharing -> Share Counters Setup -> Single Button Counter
  • NEW Option to deactivate WooCommerce gallery image tag generation in social share optimizations (located in Social Sharing -> Sharing Optimization)
  • NEW Add function for always load subscribe form designs – to prevent missing styles when theme or mobile view does not use the footer function load (located in Subscribe Forms)
  • NEW Facebook Messenger Chat additional options added for logged in/logged out users custom message and theme color
  • UPDATE Updated community followers counter update URL (counter was not updating)
  • UPDATE myMail support is officially dropped. Plugin is migrated to use the Mailster API in followers counter and subscribe forms
  • UPDATE Updated icon font load for admin part to prevent possible issue on older browsers
  • UPDATE Refactor the main plugin static styles file (12% smaller size than in past)

Version 5.4, February 25th, 2018

  • NEW Internal LinkedIn share counter option added as of LinkedIn official statement of share counter deprecation – Switch to internal share counter you can do from Social Sharing -> Share Counters Setup -> Single Button Counter (LinkedIn settings).
  • NEW Options to deactivate Yoast automated tags pair in social share optimization tags (for social share optimization tags and SEO tags).
  • UPDATE Refactor on scroll appearance of sidebar to provide responsive mode compatibility
  • UPDATE Google+ share counter is switch to have a default state internal counter from now on.
  • UPDATE Included option to deactivate the bottom of content element trigger
  • UPDATE Improved options saving to ensure faster work and deprecated autoloading for less used components

Version 5.3, January 23rd, 2018

  • NEW Facebook Messenger Live Chat included
  • NEW Skype Live Chat
  • NEW Translate popular post title and text in the After Share Actions from Advanced Settings -> Translate Options
  • NEW Added filter call to remove nofollow from RSS profile buttonadd_filter('essb5_remove_profile_rss_nofollow', '__return_true');
  • NEW Pinterest client side counter update. Use it if you fell in host that does not allow calls to API.
  • NEW RealySimpleSSL filter call added to prevent problems with the share recovery option
  • NEW Successful redirect URL option in subscribe forms – the redirect can happen on the same window or in a new tab
  • NEW Option for automated close of advanced share point once it is opened
  • UPDATE Updated Manage Plugin Features and Manage Plugin Modes screen for faster and easier change of modes or deactivate functions
  • UPDATE Updated character limit for Tweet to support new 240 symbols
  • UPDATE Updated AppsCreo dashboard widget
  • UPDATE Update social followers counter URLs to use https when generating social profile URL
  • UPDATE Additional security setup checks to prevent unauthorized save of settings in admin options
  • UPDATE Included extended check for the ESSB_FORCE_SSL definition (add code to functions.php filedefine('ESSB_FORCE_SSL', true);)
  • FIXED  URL and position crossed in Google Analytics events when Google Tag Manager and Data Layers are used
  • FIXED  Not applying styles of the corner bar
  • FIXED  Problem with plugin settings panel when Internet Explorer is used
  • FIXED  Possible problem with previous versions of MailPoet inside settings
  • FIXED  Possible problem with same category option in most popular posts
  • FIXED  Issue with loading the old mobile related file essb-mobile.js when shortcode was used (deprecated file since version 5)
  • FIXED  Problem with not saving the extension options

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