Changelog for Slider Revolution

Version 5.4.8 StarPath (20th June 2018)

  • Updated Google Fonts List
  • YouTube videos now loaded from
  • Changed database checks to lower the query count
  • Changed line endings of two svg files from CR to CRLF
  • Fixed YouTube BG video not loading sometimes in the latest Chrome
  • Fixed incorrect Vimeo Layer position on slide change
  • Fixed WooCommerce Slider incorrectly adding all In Stock products of all categories if choosen
  • Fixed WPML Slider, incorrectly using wrong language Slides in some configurations

Version StarPath (23rd May 2018)

  • Added suggested privacy policy content for WP 4.9.6
  • Added options for GDPR
    • Added Global Setting to download Google Fonts instead of including them
    • Added Global Setting to stop the inclusion of Google Fonts completely
  • Fixed PHP count() warning messages occuring on latest PHP builds
  • Fixed a small Visual Composer page builder issue

Version StarPath (26th April 2018)

  • Fixed Video Playback Issues with Chrome Browser
  • Fixed and adapted to new Instagram requirements

Version StarPath (17th March 2018)

  • Fixed a Bug where a change of Slide Length in Slide General Settings negative influences Default Transition Time
  • Added ";" to file to avoid issues by chaining files
  • Added ";" to Slider Initialisation to avoid issues by minimising files
  • Fixed ForceRewind Video option, which will now reset Video Position before the Layer shown to avoid Frame jumps
  • Fixed and adapted to new Instagram API result format

Version StarPath (17th February 2018)

  • Further fixes for DOMContentLoaded issues where document height was not well calculated at start

Version 5.4.7 StarPath (1st February 2018)

  • Fixed DOMContentLoaded issues and extended with fall back on Document Ready State to support Deferred
  • Fixed Instagram Author not displaying correctly

Version StarPath (26th January 2018)

  • Removed create_function() to retrieve compatibility with latest PHP versions
  • Fixed Instagram Content/Title not displaying correctly

Version StarPath (18th January 2018)

  • Fixed Safari 11.0 HTML5 Audio File Playback on frontend
  • Fixed Twitter Content Text not displaying

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