Changelog for WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer)

27.11.2018 - ver 5.6
  - Update: Compatibility with Wordpress 5.0

11.10.2018 - ver 5.5.5
  - Fix: SSL issues for fonts
  - Fix: Gutenberg improvements

08.09.2018 - ver 5.5.4
  - Fix: Link selector works properly in Backend editor

07.09.2018 - ver 5.5.3
  - Added: RTL control toggle added for columns
  - Fix: Accordion control styles display properly in Role Manager settings
  - Fix: Plugin update notice works properly
  - Fix: RTL works properly with full screen rows
  - Fix: Single Image elements are counted into Yoast SEO sitemap
  - Fix: Post grid id applied properly to reduce number of records in wp_postmeta
  - Fix: Exception works properly in Post Grid
  - Fix: SSL timeout on activation
  - Fix: Link selector works properly in Frontend and Backend editors
  - Fix: Simplified controls in Design Options save border color
  - Fix: Empty space in class name removed for inner column
  - Fix: Post grid display proper number of posts specified

27.06.2018 - ver 5.5.2
  - Fix: "WPBMap Uncaught Exception" for modifyParam API method

22.06.2018 - ver 5.5.1
  - Fix: "WPBMap Uncaught Exception" for dropParam and addParam API methods

15.06.2018 - ver 5.5
  - Added: Undo/Redo operations available for the editor actions
  - Added: Gutenberg compatibility elements to insert Gutenberg blocks in the WPBakery layout
  - Added: 5 columns grid layout for rows
  - Added: RTL support for the full width rows
  - Added: Settings to enable/disable Gutenberg plugin
  - API Added: vc_shortcode_prepare_atts to update prepared shortcode attributes
  - API Added: vc_map_get_attributes to add new, modify all compiled attributes
  - API Added: vc_basic_grid_filter_query_filters to modify custom query in posts grid.
  - API Added: vc_is_valid_post_type_be to disable/enable Backend Editor for several post type
  - API Added: vc_show_button_fe to show Edit With WPB in Frontend Editor
  - API Update: vc_shortcode_output added shortcode tag in attributes
  - Update: Order by "include" added to WooCommerce
  - Update: WooCommerce elements default order/orderby synchronized
  - Update: Isotope/Masonry library version update
  - Update: Performance improvements for the Frontend Editor loading
  - Update: Performance improvements for the Editor Save
  - Update: Performance improvements for the Posts Grid loading
  - Update: WPML compatibility for posts/front pages
  - Update: RevSlider compatibility improvements
  - Update: Ninja Forms compatibility improvements
  - Update: ChartJS library update
  - Update: vc_wpautop, vc_wpnop versions updated
  - Fix: PHP 7.2 compatibility improvements
  - Fix: Post Slider custom links work properly
  - Fix: Extra p tags in grid removed
  - Fix: Blog page design options work properly
  - Fix: WPML single image translation available
  - Fix: HoverBox element on iOS and Firefox improvements
  - Fix: Builder.parse in frontend
  - Fix: Custom OnClick action in buttons for Posts Grids
  - Fix: Shortcode attributes update by reference inside filter vc_shortcode_output

08.03.2018 - ver 5.4.7
  - Fix: Custom shortcode mapping

07.03.2018 - ver 5.4.6
  - Update: Compatibility with PHP 7.2 added
  - Update: Compatibility filters for WP Toolset added
  - Update: French translation updated
  - Update: Persian translation updated

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