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Photography & Graphic Guide

Photography is an important part of the WordPress Multi-site content management system.  At Georgia State University the theme layouts of the various sites is based on the responsive grid of the Twitter Bootstrap.  This allows visitors to use their desktops, laptops, tablet and smart phone to view pages with minimum use of "pinch and zoom" scaling.  Shooting photography and developing graphics for sites using this approach can be both exciting and challenging.  The benefits certainly out weigh the effort of planning for these spaces as it allows creative designers to rest assured their work will scale and be presented to visitors with a high level of consistency.  


These constructs allow visitors to see various "slides" containing both images and HTML generated text.  There are three sizes:

  • 1280px Wide by 360px High (minimum) 2000px+ Wide by 360px High (recommended)This element "overflows" a home page with an image, which appears to bleed.

  • 980px Wide by 360px High: This element "fits" in the visual boundaries of a home.

  • 680px Wide by 360px High: This element affords a slider to fit in a "default" page containing a left widget area.

Each of these carousels have the ability for users to add an HTML text box with a title and description.  These boxes can be placed on top of the image in either the upper left, upper right, lower left or lower right corners of the frame.  Often if a the subject of the photo or graphic is "centered" in the slide frame these boxes will mask it and create an odd effect.  You should consider taking or developing "off-center" images in the event they are to be used with text as an opportunity to invite a visitor to read more.

Featured Images

These images are added to the top of a page or post and can be used as thumbnails on cards throughout the site please use the specs below to take a photo or develop a graphic for one of these:

680px Wide by 360px High.  Please note this can have less height, but it will effect the display in a card view.

3/4 Column Images

These images are usually associated with a [box] or placed in a row/column orientation.  If the images are:

300px Wide by 280px High.  

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