What shortcodes are available for use with the All-in-One Calendar?

The following shortcodes are available by default by the plugin vendor for use with the All-in-One Calendar. Please use the contact options to report any bugs or issues you discover:

  • Monthly view: [ai1ec view="monthly"]

  • Weekly view: [ai1ec view="weekly"]

  • Agenda view: [ai1ec view="agenda"]

  • Posterboard view: [ai1ec view="posterboard"]

  • Default view as per settings: [ai1ec]

  • Filter by event category name: [ai1ec cat_name="halloween"]

  • Filter by event category names (separate names by comma): [ai1ec cat_name="Halloween, Thanksgiving Day"]

  • Filter by event category id: [ai1ec cat_id="1"]

  • Filter by event category ids (separate ids by comma): [ai1ec cat_id="1, 2"]

  • Filter by event tag name: [ai1ec tag_name="halloween"]

  • Filter by event tag names (separate names by comma): [ai1ec tag_name="Halloween, Thanksgiving Day"]

  • Filter by event tag id: [ai1ec tag_id="1"]

  • Filter by event tag ids (separate ids by comma): [ai1ec tag_id="1, 2"]

  • Filter by post id: [ai1ec post_id="1"]

  • Filter by post ids (separate ids by comma): [ai1ec post_id="1, 2"]

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