How to Create Row Separators

Visual Composer has created over 70+ customizable SVG Row Separators to choose from. You can use them as top or bottom separators, flip them, scale them and change their accent colors for more variation. You can also add your own.

To get started using the row separators, log into your dashboard. Next, create a row inside of visual composer. To do this, open the page or post you'd like to place your row. Next, click on the big "+" sign in visual composer. If you don't see this feature on your page, you'll need to switch your view to backend or frontend mode

Next, search for the word "row" and click on the row icon once you find it. Afterwards, you'll see a grey bar with a small plus sign in the center - this is your row. The final step is adding a separator. To add a separator, click on the small
"+" sign in the middle of your row. search for the word "row separator" and then click on the icon once you see it.

Finally, make all the customizations you'd like on your separator, you can add animations etc. unto these dividers. Don't forgot to save your progress and refresh your cache.

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