How to Add a Sidebar to a Group of Pages In FLEX

Having a specific sidebar for a particular page on your site can be very useful for organizing your websites. In this article, we're going to show you how to create specific sidebars that appear on certain pages using sidebar widgets and conditional logic.

1. The first step is to log into your dashboard. Next, you'll need to create your sidebar using the widgets feature of WordPress.

 On your dashboard, hover your mouse of Appearance and then click Widgets.

2. On the left hand side of the widgets screen, you'll see all the available options for the widget settings. Simply drag and drop the widgets you desire to place on the sidebars. In this tutorial, I chose to feature a calendar in my primary sidebar widget.

There are 4 different types of sidebars you can choose from.
  • Primary sidebar menu - The menu on the left hand side of the website
  • Secondary sidebar menu - The menu on the right hand side of the website
  • Student header widget area - Affects the student dark blue header on the top of every web page
  • Staff header widget Area - Affects the Faculty and Staff dark blue header on the top of every web page

3. Check all the settings on the widgets and then press save.

4. After saving your widget, you're now going to place that widget into the individual sidebars. To begin, simply open the WYSIWYG editor on the page or post you'd like for widget to appear. Next, on the right hand side of the screen, you'll see a drop down with all the widgets you just created. Select the one you desire and click save.


Now you have a widget that appears on certain pages. If you're not seeing the new changes on your live site, try refreshing the website's cache.

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