Tagging Stories For The News Hub Homepage

WordPress posts are put into categories in order to organize the posts into the menu items at the top of http://new.gsu.edu.  Tags are used to position the post into the proper place on the homepage of the news hub as well as feed certain RSS channels as well.  Below is a schematic of the current post grids that make up the news hub home page.  The tag name for each grid is provided as well some other data defined below.

Tag: The name of the tag used when setting up the post.  This name should not vary.
Tag ID: This is the WordPress reference ID used by the post grid tool to select various posts by tag.
Order: This is the order of the stories selected.  Often this is descending with the most recent story on top.  This can be changed to "rand" for random as well.
Limit: This is the current story count for that grid.  This can be changed as well.
Mobile view: This indicates if there is an "alternative grid" shown for mobile.  If changes are made to the primary grid, the mobile grid should be taken into consideration.
Category Limit: The WordPress categories displayed can create clutter.  This is the recommended limit for each grid as they have been designed.

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