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Can I add a Localist Calendar event to my personal calendar?

Yes. You can choose to add either events or calendar feeds to either your Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, iCal Calendar, or subscribe to an RSS Feed (for any of the Georgia State calendars).

Go to the event or Georgia State calendar that you want to add to your personal calendar and look for the FILTER option in the top right of the Georgia State Calendar feed, next to the title of the event or Georgia State calendar,

or here, at the right on individual event pages:

Select whichever personal calendar you would like the event or Georgia State calendar to be added to (Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, or iCal Calendar). The calendar program that you selected will automatically open and ask if you are sure that you would like to add this event or Georgia State calendar to it. Click on "Add" or "Allow" (whichever your calendar proposes).

The event or Georgia State calendar is now displaying on your personal calendar.

You can always go into your personal calendar and remove the event or feed yourself at any point.


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