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Turning off social interactions (e.g. "User comments," "I'm interested," and "Invite friends")?

We recommend using social interactions for Georgia State events for reasons covered in this article. If you would like to turn off social interactions (which includes the "I'm Interested" button and the option for users to "Invite Friends") on a specific event due to it being a broader event aimed at more than just Georgia State students, you first need to log in to Localist and open up that event in the editor.

Scroll to the bottom of the event editor page and you will find the USER ENGAGEMENT section. There you will find checkboxes for the options to Allow User Activity, Allow User Interest, and Hide Attendees.

  • Allow users to post comments and photos: Unchecking this disables user comments, reviews, and photos for the event.
  • Allow users to mark themselves as "interested" in attending the event: Unchecking this disables the "I'm Interested" and "Invite" functions for this event.
  • Allow users to see who is attending this event: Unchecking this hides the "People Interested" box for this event.


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