Using Templates

There are two ways to use Visual Composer templates:

1) Place an entire page or individual section layout into a page or post.

2) Place preset content that cannot be edited within the page.


Place a Page/Post or Section Layout

To use a template to set the page layout or to place a specific section or element layout on a page, use the  orbuttons. The layout(s) selected will be placed in the page and can then be edited as needed to reflect the content for the current page. Changes to the template are not applied everywhere the template is used in this case.


Place Preset Content

This option can be used when you wish to place the same content in multiple places on the site but only edit it in one place. Use the Templatera Visual Composer Element to place the template. When placed using the Templatera element, the information in the template cannot be edited on an individual page but must be edited in the template itself. When the template is edited, changes are applied everywhere the template is used.

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