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Using Posts in Sidebar


The Posts in Sidebar plugin allows you to pull content from standard and custom post types into the sidebar widget area. For example, you can pull a random Faculty Profile based on tags or categories applied to the profiles.  You can also control whether the featured image and/or the excerpt are displayed, and if there is no widget title, then the title area does not display.

How It Looks

How it Works

Once activated, the Posts in Sidebar plugin adds a new widget in your administration panel for widgets. Using this widget you'll be able to display a list of posts in your sidebar. 

The posts can be retrieved in various ways: using categories, tags, post formats, custom post types, and so on. 

On the Widgets panel, locate the 'Posts in Sidebar' widget in the 'Available Widgets' box. Drag it into the 'Left Sidebar' box. After you drag it into place, and click the down arrow, a large menu with many display options will become available. Configure as desired and click save.

On the page(s) that you want the Posts in Sidebar to appear, make sure that you have a sidebar set up for the page layout, and then select the widget with the 'Posts in Sidebar' that you created in the Sidebars > Primary Sidebar dropdown menu.

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