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Adding a LiveStream to a Page or Post

About LiveStream

LiveStream is video streaming service used to broadcast events live on a Georgia State University webpage. Along with the ability to embed the event on a webpage the service also has a "channel" page hosted by LiveStream.  This can be found here:

This streaming service is coordinated through IS&T.  For more information about LiveStream please submit questions to so the appropriate person can get back to you.
How to embed a LiveStream Feed

Adding LiveStream to a page on your site

LiveStream currently uses an [iframe] to embed the channel.  At this point we need to note that this is not fully responsive.  Please include a link above the [iframe]  to the Georgia State LiveStream channel ( so mobile users can view the event on their devices. The code below will embed the LiveStream channel into your WordPress page or post.

From the WordPress Dashboard, add or edit a page. Then create a new CSS & JS Toolbox codeblock and call it something like "Event Livestream".
Copy and paste the code from (which should look like the following code below) into the CSS & JS Toolbox codeblock:

<iframe id="ls_embed_1566230415" src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen> </iframe>

The width and height can be adjusted to fit different page layouts.  This needs to be adjusted in two places for each setting in the code above.

Then take the CSS & JS Toolbox source code and add it to the page that you want it to appear, using a regular WPBakery text block: 

[cjtoolbox name='Event Livestream']

Replacing "Event Livestream" with whatever you named the CSS & JS Toolbox codeblock. 

Save your page and test that the livestream appears properly.

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