Menus: Creating menus


Menus are used to navigate around a website.  To learn the basic skills needed to create menus, go to the WordPress Menu User Guide.  

What else you need to know

The WordPress Menu user Guide explains how sub-menus typically work in WordPress:

In this example, the user dragged the menus into their current hierarchy, where "Tools" has the sub-menu item "Wordpress Migration" and "Worpress Migration" has the sub-menu items "Content Strategy" and "SEO."  Using one of the GSU themes, this menu looks like this on the page:

Notice that "Content Strategy" and "SEO" are indented under "Wordpress Migration."

GSU's custom themes allow for another way to include sub menus.  By clicking on the down arrow , you can access the Sub Menu drop down list:


In the Sub Menu drop down list, the user selects from other menus created for the page.  In this example, the "Identity" menu is a menu created by the user: 

Selecting "Identity" in the Sub Menu drop down list adds this menu's items as sub-menu items, and looks like this on the page:

If the menu will have a lot of menu and sub-menu items, creating multiple menus and selecting them in the Sub Menu drop down list may be helpful in keeping the menus well-organized.

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