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How do I embed videos from (Kaltura) on my webpage?

You can host your university videos on Kaltura and embed them to display on your webpage.

To start, go to and open the video that you want to embed on your page.

Then click on the "SHARE" tab to open up all the options to share your video. Then click on the "EMBED" option.

From here you can select the start time that you want the video to begin when embedded on your page (do not click on the check box if you want it to start at the beginning), the maximum player size of the video, and if you want the video to have responsive sizing (meaning it'll shrink to fit a smaller screen if a user is viewing the page on a tablet or mobile device).  We suggest that you always select "RESPONSIVE SIZING" for your embedded videos.

After making your choices, copy the URL provided, then open up the dashboard on the site that you want to embed the video on. Open up the CSS & JS Toolbox option on the far left. 

Create a new Code Block, give it a name that incorporates the title of the video and "Kaltura Video" for easy identification. Save the Code Block.

Next, open the page that you want the video to appear on, create a text block, remove all the Lorem Ipsum text that auto-populates, and look for the CSS & JS Toolbox button. Click the button and select the Code Block that you want to insert on the page.

Save the Text Block, and then save the page.

NOTE: If you have trouble viewing the video on your GSU webpage in your browser (namely Firefox), you may need to update to the newest version of the browser.

If you need assistance with Kaltura functionality, submit a ticket to

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