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How to sort an Essential Grid Directories by Last Name

In Essential Grid, there is an option to sort your grid by the last names of your staff or faculty members in the directory based upon the last name field in the Faculty & Staff directory. 

This feature does require the use of custom meta, but it's very easy to setup.

To start, you'll need to log into your dashboard. You might need to verify your account with DUO.

After your logged in, go to Essential Grid > Meta Data Handling

Next, create a new meta-reference handle (egl. lastname). Second, you're going to create a new custom meta. Name this custom meta (e.g., sort) make sure your custom meta has these settings:
  • Type: Text
  • Sort Type: Alphabetic

Now, go back to the original grid by clicking on Essential Grid in your dashboard. Find your grid and click settings. Go to the Nav-filter-sort tab. Scroll down a bit to the sorting section. Choose the available sorting as LastName (Link)

Finally, choose if you want to sort names in ascending (A-Z) or descending (Z-A) order.

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